Student-Athlete Spotlight: Fox Chapel’s Alex McRandal

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Name: Alex McRandal

School: Fox Chapel

Sport: Baseball

Position: Catcher

GPA: 4.20 weighted, 4.00 unweighted

Future Plans: Study computer science at Heidelberg University and earn a four year degree. After that, I intend to enter the job market. While all of this is happening, I’d like to play baseball as long as possible. Way down the road at some point in my life, I would like to visit at least three different countries.

Dream Job: Designing software, systems, or firewalls for the government.

Hobbies: Trumpet, table tennis, board games, badminton, guitar, splitting firewood, and model rockets.

Stats/Accomplishments: Accepted into the honors program at Heidelberg University, never got a grade below an A in my life, second team all-section, three-year letterman, sportsmanship award in Squirrel Hill Little League.

Clubs: Pittsburgh Thunder, Ping Pong Club