Aliquippa still slated to come to 5A in football as of now

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by: Jonathan Spina

Aliquippa’s first appeal went unsuccessful as the PIAA ruled that the team will remain going to 5A as of now in football due to the competitive-balance rule.

The process is not over though. The next step for Aliquippa would be to have a hearing with the PIAA board. The next board meeting is January 24 in Mechanicsburg.

The competitive-balance rule forces football teams that have had success in the state playoffs AND added three or more transfers in a two-year span, to have to move up in classification.

The first appeal is based solely on the paperwork Aliquippa turns in to the PIAA staff.

The point system is out of question as Aliquippa has made it to the PIAA 4A State Championship the last two seasons, so Aliquippa will have to focus on transfers added.

The PIAA had a list stating Aliquippa had a list of 23 transfers but that number has already been bumped down to 18.

This is the third time that Aliquippa has dealt with the competitive-balance process. In 2020 they were moved from 3A to 4A due to the formula and in 2022 they were slated to move from 4A to 5A but won their appeal.

What makes the situation so bizarre is that Aliquippa has 156 boys in grades 9-11, which would put them in Class 2A just strictly based off numbers. Class 5A schools has 424-619 boys in grades 9-11.

Beaver County politicians have been involved as well as Rep. Rob Matzie, U.S. Rep Chris Delusion who have all issued statements opposing the PIAA.